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Past Pop Up Museums
***limited quantities available

Please note:

Shipping and handling costs for previous editions of the Pop Up Museums are $150 per set.

Monroe County schools may choose to pick up the Pop Up Museum directly from the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum in Key West, Florida.  Reservations are not final until we have confirmed availability and received the shipping and handling fee.

When Spain Came to Florida
Take a deep dive into the roots of Florida's colonial heritage during the Age of Sail! Explore when, why, and how the Old World Spanish Empire influenced our state as we know it today.
Overcoming Outbreaks! 
This Pop Up Museum explores different infectious diseases that have impacted Florida in the past, including bubonic plague, smallpox, yellow fever, tuberculosis, pig cholera, and more.
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Florida: Shaped by Hurricanes 
This Pop Up Museum explores how hurricanes form and how they have changed the course of history in Florida.
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While the World Waited: Florida & the Cuban Missile Crisis
This Pop Up Museum provides an overview of the events leading to the Cuban Missile Crisis with a focus on how Florida's proximity to Cuba played a unique role in the Cold War.
The Science of Shipwrecks 

This Pop Up Museum reveals how underwater archaeology integrates the arts and sciences to reveal and research pieces of Florida's history long lost on the ocean floor.

Connections: Florida & Cuba
Explore the unique connections between Florida and Cuba over the course of the past 500 years.
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Flashpoint: Comprise, Conflict and the Making of the Civil War
This exhibit shares the story of the last illegal slave ships captured by the US Navy and brought into Key West, Florida, at the brink of the Civil War in 1860.
Spanish Colonialism 

This Pop Up Museum explores how and why Old World Europeans changed the New World into the place we live today.

This project is sponsored in part by the

Department of State, Division of Historical Resources, and the State of Florida.

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