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Praise for Pop Up Museums

from previous hosts

Feedback from our hosts helps us improve the Pop Up Museums every year to make them more relevant, engaging, and accessible to every student.

We appreciate your thoughtful comments and are inspired by your words!

“Every year, your exhibits get better and better.”

Eastside High School

“The panels coming in the middle of the school year gave an injection of ‘WOW!’

to the library. Everyone really lights up when they see the display.”

East Marion Elementary School

“The biggest quote we heard was, ‘I didn’t know that!’

which shows they are learning something new. Thanks!”

Gambel Rogers Middle School

“Outstanding quality and content; the colorful panels attracted

even the youngest of students.” 

Sigsbee Charter School

"It was very quick to set up and present. The display was very vibrant and attention-grabbing with great visuals. Students felt it was an easy way to see history rather than read history.”

Gulfstream Academy

“It was awesome! The students love it and are doing extension projects because

they are so interested.”

Norcrest Elementary School

“The Pop Up Museum exceeded my expectations.

It was the perfect way to help students understand the historical connection

between Florida and Cuba.”

Golden Gate High School

"The students were exposed to information that they may have never seen

had it not been for the Pop Up Museum.”

Plantation Middle School

“The quality of the Pop Up Museum was excellent. The information was presented in an interesting manner and the videos and interactive texts were age and skill appropriate.”

Graceville Elementary School

This project is sponsored in part by

the Department of State,

Division of Historical Resources,

and the State of Florida.

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